AK Solar, a Division of AK Stamping, provides innovative and cost effective solutions for PV module bonding and grounding. AKS’ lineup of solar products can reduce installation balance of system costs by simplifying installation. Our patent-pending products offer unmatched durability and compatibility, working with top and bottom mount racking systems.

  • Grounding Spacers
  • Conductive Mid-Clamps
  • Conductive End-Clamps
  • Grounding Braids
  • Grounding Clips
  • PV Bonding Jumpers
  • Grounding Terminals

Ak Solar's bonding and grounding solutions offer the following key features:

  1. Strong, Sharp Teeth to cut through surface coatings and oxides
  2. Reinforced sidewalls on End-Clamps
  3. Up/down extrusions to bond vertically on Grounding Spacers
  4. Universal slide and fasten design of Grounding Spacer for fast assemby
  5. 316L material for ultimate corrosion resistance 
  6. Guides on Mid-Clamps to secure module in place, without breaking module glass
  7. Tabs for easy locating on Mid-Clamps
7 Key Features of Solar Grounding (3).png

Solar Hardware Solutions

Solar Mid-Clamps and End-Clamps

Solar Grounding Spacers

Solar Bonding Jumpers