Wireless Charging

AK Stamping now offers stamped, wireless charging coils and antennas. Designed as drop in replacements for wound or bent wire TX coils and wound wire or FPC Receiver coils, the benefits of AKS patent-pending, stamped coils include greater charging efficiency and reliability, while promising reduced cost and thickness for many applications. 

AKS is ready to support all custom antenna and coil solutions now, along with WPC (Qi) and multimode WPC/PMA compliant charging coils available for order. 

Wireless Charging Receiver Coils (Inductive)

Wireless Charging Transmit Coils (Inductive)

Resonance Stamped Coils for Wireless Power

Features Include:

  • Inductive charging coils for phones and tablets
  • Industry leading thinness for slim design requirements
  • Suitable for Dual Mode (WPC and PMA) applications
  • Low DC Resistance for high efficiency and low thermal loading
  • Thermal shock tested, robust construction
  • Available to suit specific electrical and mechanical requirements
  • Resistance and inductance tested
  • Available with and without Ferrite Shield
  • Patent Pending




Inductive Charging Receiver Coils for WPC Applications

Inductive Charging Receiver Coils for Dual Mode Applications

Inductive WPC Charging TX Coil A2306 (A6)

Inductive WPC Charging TX Coil A2311 (A11)