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Globe Manufacturing Sales, Inc., a division of A.K. Stamping Company, Inc.,  is the leading supplier of brackets to the computer and electronics industry since 1980. Offering top value and premium quality, Globe has tooling for over 1000 different types of brackets. With sophisticated engineering, manufacturing and sourcing operations in North America and Asia, Globe delivers premium quality and economical brackets. Our brackets and tailstock are fully customizable and are available with an array of holes and cutouts to connect to any peripheral.

Globe computer brackets offer the following:

  • Standard bracket designs and basic blank configurations for various board sizes and heights

  • Custom bracket solutions

  • Pad printed and silkscreened graphics and logos

  • PCI, ESA, EISA and other formats available

  • Fast delivery

  • Prototyping services

  • Cost effective tooling for special designs

  • Use the Bracket Selector Tool below to select the bracket that meets your design criteria



Globe Manufacturing Sales is a leading manufacturer of brackets and tailstock for over 25 years. Globe's parent company, AK Stamping, provides Globe customers with manufacturing prowess and superior customer service for their custom stamping needs.



Offering top value and premium quality, Globe has tooling for over 1000 different types of brackets. Use the bracket selector to search for standard bracket designs and basic blank configurations or contact us to work with our skilled Engineering team to create a custom solution.

Contact us:
Telephone: +1 (908) 232-7300
US Toll Free: + 1 (800) 227-3258
Fax: +1 (908) 232-5202



Globe is passionate about our products and our customers. We want to find the right solution for your needs. Reach out to our Sales team directly for immediate assistance. We look forward to working with you.


Bracket Selector Tool

Search by part number or design criteria to match your specific production needs. 

If there is no suitable match, contact us for a custom solution.