AK Stamping understands the unique challenges of the medical device market. Strong capabilities in engineering and product development, prototyping, in-house tool build, precision metal stamping and quality guarantee results that are in keeping with the changing needs of the medical field.  AK Stamping's commitment to developing innovative solutions brings products to market on-time and on-budget, with the highest quality. AK Stamping services OEM’s and contract manufacturers in the medical market, specializing in custom components for implantable devices.

Capabilities include:

  • Phased Progressive die production for blanking, forming, and stamping of complex features

  • Thermally stabilized tools and materials for accuracy and precision

  • Full prototype department for quick turnaround (1-2 weeks) and R&D support

  • High-speed Bruderer presses capable of over 500 strokes/minute

  • Ability to package and assemble plastic and metal components

  • All processes are ISO9001 certified, ensuring top-quality, defect-free products

AK Stamping medical products Clips • Blades • Cutters • Graspers • Jaws • Tubes • Sharps • Surgical Components • Pacemaker Components • Disposables

Medical Stamping Solutions