Whether it be stage tools or fully progressive dies, high-carbon steels or brass, AK Stamping offers a variety of metal stamping options. AKS' speciality is precision metal stamping run on progressive die tooling. The Bruderer and Aida presses are capable of handling materials from 0.0025" (0.07mm) up to 0.250" (6.3mm). AKS currently produces precision metal stampings for the Electronics, Medical, Defense, Automotive, Alternative Energy and Telecommunications industries.

Some of the alloys frequently stamped include:

  • Stainless steels (S301, S302, S304, S316)

  • Mild steels (G1010)

  • High-carbon steels (G1050)

  • Brass (C23000, C25000)

  • Nickel silver (C75210)

  • Titanium (6AI-4V and others)

AK Stamping has the capability to do high-speed stamping at over 1,000 parts per minute, with optional reel-to-reel material handling.